“Universitätsvertretung” (UV)

The so-called “Universitätsvertretung” (UV) is constituted by members of the political parties who were elected during the ÖH elections. Then the parties appoint a chairman/-woman and two vice chairmen/-women, as well as the leading executives of the ÖH offices.

These people administer the budget; moreover they take care of the official duties of the ÖH Salzburg. This includes negotiations with the University of Salzburg, as well as the city and county of Salzburg, companies and schools. The different offices of the ÖH have individual core themes and work on various projects, in order to fight for students’ rights. The chair of the ÖH, as well as the leading executives are liable to the “UV”.

The number of seats is linked to the number of students at the university, thus in Salzburg the UV consists currently of 13 seats.

“UV” minutes

According to §12 (5) of the current constitution of the students union Salzburg all approved minutes of the “UV” meetings have to be made public. Thus the minutes are available online on the official website of the “UV”. This passage was neglected by prior ÖH executive bodies and is now fulfilled to provide transparency within the ÖH work.

To be more explicit: The minutes are always sent out to the members of the UV with the invitation for the upcoming meeting. There the minutes of the last session are discussed, in some cases slightly adapted and in the end approved. Only approved minutes are then displayed on the website. Thus the minutes of one meeting are open to public after the following meeting at the earliest.

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