ÖH in brief

In a nutshell, the ÖH can be described as the Austrian National Student’s Union. The ÖH therefore is a legal representative body responsible for all students in all public institutions of higher education in Austria. Just to name a few of our activities: We advice students on all matters, we issue dozens of booklets every year, we try to improve your degree programs and we negotiate with the government to constantly improve the situation at all universities.

Every two years elections take place. As every student automatically becomes a member of the ÖH, everyone has a right to vote in these elections. The small membership fee you have to pay each semester guarantees an independent and powerful organisation. Also, thousands of students work with us on a voluntary basis and help making the ÖH one of Europe´s most forceful students councils.


Effective politics, helpful service

Naturally, service is one of the central assignments of the ÖH, but obviously service alone cannot be enough to improve the conditions of the Austrian universities. No matter if we are talking about university funding, unrestricted access to higher education, improvements of the curricula or the protection of your student rights, the ÖH carries the responsibility to help shaping educational policies in Austria in a critical and constructive way.

In order to defend your rights and interests, the ÖH has to be a powerful and assertive organisation, which explicitly commits to its political mandate.


The Austrian Students’ Union at a glance

Click here to download a brief presentation about the Austrian Students’ Union at Salzburg University (in English)