STV Doktorat Nawi

Our Offering

  • We are here to help you with any questions related to your studies. If you have questions, please send us an e-mail and we can arrange an appointment.
  • We are planning different events like informative events for new students and different social events (e.g. game nights) during the academic year.
  • You can borrow equipment (draw pads, webcams and headsets) from us.


Adress: Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät Universität Salzburg, Hellbrunnerstraße 34 5020 Salzburg




Online game night: Activity & Scribble (May 11, 7 - 9 pm)

Complete various tasks in groups or individually. The tasks are rather physical and not in front of the PC (e.g. 10 jumping jacks or similar). Afterwards we play scribble - One person has to draw something and the other ones have to guess quickly what it is.

Meeting number: 121 089 7741
Meeting password: bChuJJf3B92

Kalender abonnieren:


Barbara Schamberger
Daniela Söllinger
1st Deputy
Nicole Vorderobermeier
2nd Deputy


  • Hannah Augustin
  • Zahra Dabiri
  • Chiara Jutzi
  • Anna Moser
  • Vikas Raj Sharma
  • Ingrid Vukusic
  • Valérie Werner

Additional Information

Below you can find a presentation with some information on "How to get a PhD" as well as how to get your ECTS credits for special achievements.