We invite you to come and participate in our chess-evenings. Our credo: “Everyone is welcome”. It doesn’t matter if you are a regular student or are here for ERASMUS, if you are a professor, a student assistant or just a person who loves chess. It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur or a professional chess player. Just come, play, and enjoy!


Chess is a prestigious and intellectual battle of two brains, which has become very popular nowadays In many schools and kindergartens of China, USA, India, Canada, Italy and Spain chess is included in a study program as an additional or even as a compulsory course. This kind of sport is beloved by students and professors at colleges and universities as well. It gives you both relaxation from the daily routine or studies, and at the same time it stimulates your brain activity, which is essential for successful studying process.

Being a professional chess player, I, Bogdana, came up with the idea of organizing a Chess Club based at the University of Salzburg. I aimed to provide people with the opportunity to enjoy their hobby in a friendly atmosphere and intellectual environment. The Club has been fully-functioning for one year already and gains popularity day by day. Thanks to the support of ÖH Uni Salzburg and Schach Klub Royal (popular chess club in Salzburg) newest classical chess-sets are at our disposal. Moreover, we are always welcoming you in a comfortable room (ÖH Frei:Raum, Kaigasse 17) with all the needed equipment and providing drinks and snacks.


Last semester we had a wonderful possibility to compete for prizes in a tournament. We had a guest judge who was invited for making our championship fair and professional. At the end of this Summer semester we will have another tournament. There are people ready to compete with you!

Do you have any questions? Please contact the Head of the Chess Club: Bogdana Shytiuk (Facebook).

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Fact Box:

Contact: Bogdana Shytiuk,


Where? Frei:Raum, Kaigasse 17