Every two years, the ÖH is re-elected from the student representatives to the university representatives and up to the federal representatives. To ensure that our students‘ interests are not overlooked in the future, we need a strong, critical voice. In the ÖH University of Salzburg, hundreds of students volunteer to make our concerns heard: for better curricula and course offerings, for fewer hurdles and more freedom in studying, affordable public transport and housing, and less money worries. In the ÖH elections in May, we need your vote and your commitment to strengthen your student representation in the face of the university and politics.

The ÖH elections 2023 will take place from Tuesday, 9 May to Thursday, 11 May. All information on how to vote for whom can be found on this website.

But you can not only help decide who will stand up for you in the ÖH in the next two years, you can also become active yourself and help shape your studies and your university! So get active now and stand as a candidate for your student representative.