If you cannot come to the university in Salzburg during the election days, you can vote by absentee ballot from home and abroad. In order to be able to vote for your student representatives at federal and university level by postal vote, you have to apply for a postal vote between 21 March and 2 May: You can do this easily by filling out the form on the election website https://wahlportal.oeh.ac.at/ and confirming your identity by uploading an ID scan or using your citizen card/mobile phone signature.

The documents will then be sent to you at the address in Austria or abroad that you specified when you applied:

  • the electoral card
  • the ballot paper for the election of the Federal Representation: here you can vote for one of the lists running for election
  • the ballot paper for the election of the university representation: here you can also vote for one of the lists running for election
  • Envelopes for returning the ballot paper
  • a declaration that you have to sign

After you have voted, put the ballot papers into the appropriate envelopes and put them into the voting card. You can then either send this voting card directly back to the Federal Election Commission by post or bring it there in person. Important: For your vote to be valid, it must be received by the Federal Election Commission in Vienna by 6 p.m. on 10 May at the latest!

Attention: If you vote by postal vote, you can only vote for the university representation and the federal representation, but not for your student representation! If you have voted for your university representation and your federal representation by postal vote, you cannot vote for your student representation at the polling station!