What can I vote for?

You can vote at three levels in the ÖH elections:

your student representative, e.g. the student representative for biology
your university representation, e.g. the ÖH University of Salzburg
your federal representation

In the meantime, you can read about what the individual levels do here. As soon as the candidates and groups for the individual levels have been determined, they will be announced on these pages.

How do I vote in the ÖH elections?

You vote for the student representatives by giving between three and five people of your choice a preferential vote. The persons with the most votes are then elected.

In the university and federal elections, you vote in the same way as in a National Council or Federal Parliament election by ticking the box of a candidate group/list.

You can vote in the ÖH election either at the polling station at the individual faculties or by postal vote. You will soon be able to find out when you can vote at which university locations here.

All information on how to vote by postal vote can be found here.

Please note: If you vote by postal vote, you can only vote for the university representation and the federal representation, but not for your student representation! If you have voted for your university representation and your federal representation by postal vote, you cannot vote for your student representation at the polling station!