The ÖH consists of several organisational levels, each with different tasks. To gain an insight into the structure of the ÖH, you can find a short overview here:

ÖH Federal Representation (BV)

The Federal Representation is the highest body of the ÖH. It is based in Vienna. It represents student interests vis-à-vis the federal government, does public relations work, organises congresses and conferences, networks local university representatives, offers advice on various topics and produces helpful information materials. The federal representation is also a member of the European Students‘ Union (ESU), which represents student interests at European level. At this level, you can enter a so-called list or choose from an already existing list of committed students who will represent your interests throughout Austria.

University Representation (UV)

Every Austrian university has an ÖH university representation. At the University of Salzburg, it consists of a parliamentary assembly of currently 15 mandataries who are elected every two years via electoral lists. The UV is the central decision-making body of the entire ÖH Salzburg. It elects the chair of the executive of the university representation, as well as the speakers who are in charge of the different working areas – from education policy to the economic department. Around 35 people work in the university representation of the ÖH Salzburg on a voluntary basis. The university representation organises everything that is not directly related to a degree programme, as well as coordination and central administration.

  • Representation of the general and study-related interests of students at a university.
  • External representation (state, city, companies, institutions)
  • Review of draft laws and ordinances
  • Management of the budget, bookkeeping, annual budget and annual accounts
  • Organisation of the ÖH structure at the University of Salzburg
  • Counselling of students (counselling centre at Unipark)
  • The chair team of the UV also takes care of the staff, all contract conclusions and the legally compliant „management“.

The last ÖH elections in May 2021 resulted in the following distribution of mandates:

  • 6 GRAS (Greens & Alternative Students),
  • 3 AG (Action Group)
  • 3 VSSTÖ (List of Social and Progressive Students)
  • 2 LUKS (List of Independent and Critical Students)
  • 1 JUNOS (Young Liberal Students)

The executive of the university representation of the ÖH Salzburg is formed by the Green & Alternative Students (GRAS), the List of Social and Progressive Students (VSStÖ) and the List of Independent and Critical Students (LUKS) since July 2021.

At this level, too, you can enter a so-called list or choose from an already existing list of committed students who will represent your interests at the university and in the province of Salzburg.

Student Council (StV)

The Student Council is your first point of contact for all study matters, especially those that are directly related to your field of study. For example, if there are problems with professors or courses or if you don’t know your way around somewhere. There is a student council for each field of study, which has both an advisory and a co-determining function. The student representatives send representatives to the curriculum committees, which are made up of equal numbers of professors, non-professorial staff and students. Your curricula are developed or changed in the curriculum commissions.

The student representation is therefore the most local, closest level of representation and is responsible for:

  • Representing, advising and promoting students within their own degree programme
  • Nominations for committees and meetings within the department or concerning the degree programme (appointment procedures, curriculum committees, departmental council, working groups in the teaching profession)
  • Disposing of the budget of the student representatives
  • Advising students and prospective students
  • Representation of the interests of a degree programme also includes social, cultural, academic events, information on studies, etc.

At this level, you can stand for election as an individual or elect individuals to the student council. You can cast as many votes as your StV has mandates. This is always either 3 or 5.