Who can vote in the ÖH election?

The main prerequisite for being able to vote in the ÖH election from 9 to 11 May is that the ÖH fee (student fee) has been paid by 21 March 2023 at the latest. In order to be able to vote, it is also a prerequisite that you have reached the age of 14 on the 1st election day (9 May 2023).

If these requirements are met, you can vote in the ÖH elections: The federal representation, the university representation at the University of Salzburg and the student representation in your degree programme are elected. You can find more information about the individual levels of representation on this website.

Students who are admitted to the respective degree programmes and have registered to continue their studies for the summer semester 2023 and have paid the ÖH fee are eligible to vote for the election of the student representatives. If you are studying more than one degree programme and have been admitted to both, you can vote for several student representatives in the ÖH elections.

Non-degree students who are only registered for individual courses, but not for one or more degree programmes, cannot vote for a student representative. Extraordinary students therefore only vote for the federal representation and the university representation.

If you are studying teacher training in the central cluster, you can vote at two universities (1x federal representation, 2x university representation, 2x your study representation).