Whether for the federal representation, the university representation or the student representation: at all levels, the commitment of students to stand up for their fellow students is essential. Now it’s a matter of ensuring good study conditions, many cool events and projects and sound advice in all student matters, etc., for the future. Now it’s about ensuring good study conditions, lots of cool events and projects and sound advice in all study matters, etc. (also) for the future, or to make things better if you weren’t satisfied with the way things were in the past.

In order to stand as a candidate for your student representative, you need to submit the relevant form and your confirmation of enrolment to the ÖH Election Commission between 21 March and 13 April:

  • In person to the deputy chairperson of the election committee, Michaela Horvat, Kapitelgasse 5-7, 1st floor, room 1.13 (Monday 1-5 p.m., Tuesday 2-5:30 p.m., Wednesday 8:30 a.m.-12 p.m.).
  • By post to: Election Commission of the Student Union at the University of Salzburg, Attn: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Sebastian Schmid, Kapitelgasse 5-7, 5020 Salzburg
  • By e-mail to oeh-wahl@sbg.ac.at (Important: certified electronic signature required!)

You can find more information on the student representatives here, and all the details on how to stand for election can be found on this website.

In order to run for the university representation or the federal representation, you have to be part of one of the groups running for election. All necessary information and forms can be found here: https://www.oeh-salzburg.at/oeh-wahl-23/wie-kandidieren/formulare-kandidatur/